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Celebrate with a Pre-Nup!

A Pre-Nuptial, or Pre-Marital Agreement as it can be known, does not usually feature very highly on the list of the happy couple’s wedding arrangements.

But if you are planning to marry some time soon, you could give some thought to the good sense of drawing up a Pre-Marital Agreement if either of you feels uncomfortable about the prospect of an equal sharing of your assets if you did ever have to go your separate ways.

This doesn’t have to put a dampener on the joyful occasion.   Look at it as a form of insurance against a worse case scenario.   The brutal fact is, it has to be said, that one third of marriages end in divorce so this is an insurance policy that could prove useful.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements have been steadily gaining status in the family law of England and Wales over the last couple of decades.   Provided an agreement is entered into freely by both parties with full knowledge of the assets involved and the implications of committing to its terms, it will take precedence over the usual principles of equal sharing on divorce applied by the Courts.

Pre-Nups are popular with those marrying for a second time (or more!) but they are available to anyone.   To ensure a Pre-Nup is effective, both of you should consult your own specialist solicitor.

Happy wedding bells!

Monday, November 12th, 2018 Prenuptial Agreements

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