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Prenuptial Agreements

prenuptial agreements

“Pre-Nups”  are established law in the USA and other jurisdictions but are still a developing area of law in the UK.

A recent Supreme Court case has paved the way for family courts to treat nuptial agreements (both pre and post marriage) as properly binding provided certain principles are followed.

There may be good reasons for reaching a formal understanding with your fiancé(e), for example if you have been married before, by way of a written agreement which will carry weight in any future division of assets, if the worst happens.

Prenuptial agreements need to be drawn up and executed several months in advance of the marriage date, in order to carry the maximum weight before the court according to current guidelines. You would both need independent legal advice although the Agreement itself is drafted by one solicitor.

We can provide the service you need whether you are planning to have a prenuptial agreement or require advice on one that is already drawn up.