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Choose arbitration!

Some of you out there will be embroiled with your ex-partner, be that your spouse or former cohabitee, in a dispute concerning financial issues arising from your relationship.

In divorce proceedings, after the out of Court approaches are exhausted, namely an agreement reached between the spouses, in person, mediation or collaboration with your respective solicitors, you may well end up having to apply to Court for the Judge to make a decision in a financial remedy order.

There is another option available now – arbitration!   This has been around for family cases for some time but was generally considered only affordable or suitable for big money cases and/or celebrities who want to keep their names out of the papers.  But choosing to arbitrate rather than litigate is available for anyone who wants to take control of the process, choose their own Judge rather than take pot luck at the Family Courts and choose their own time table, rather than waiting some times up to a year to get your case finished because the Courts are so busy.  In the long run, you can also save money because, although you pay for the Arbitrator on top of your legal representation, due to the speed with which you can be finished and limiting the amount of paperwork  needed, it is likely to turn out to be less costly.   It will certainly be less costly on your stress levels.

If you would like to find out more about the arbitration option, contact a specialist family law solicitor.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 Divorce

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