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Divorce On The Internet The Pitfalls

You may be forgiven for suspecting that if an office based family law solicitor disparages a client’s attempt to economize on costs by using an online solicitor, that they have an axe to grind. The reason for sounding a note of warning about choosing this way of handling your divorce, is more to do with the frustration a conventional family law solicitors fears when they are asked to put right what has gone wrong.

We are encountering such cases with increasing regularity. It is not dealing with the divorce petition that causes the problems so much, as mistakes with the documents can quite easily be remedied. It is trying to deal with the financial side that can backfire so badly, when there is insufficient attention paid to the detail of each of the parties circumstances, what their future needs will be, what their contributions have been to the marriage and all the other subtle considerations to be applied under the Matrimonial Causes Act.

You can end up with what looks like a consent order signed off by both parties but which quickly turns out to be inadequate and often unfair to one party or the other. Trying to undo the damage and appeal out of time is nigh on impossible when this has happened.

A divorce is a traumatic event in anyone’s life and a hugely important one. People willing spend thousands of pounds on holidays, motor vehicles and the like. If you are facing a life crisis such as the end of a marriage, investing in expert advice with a local solicitor who knows the court in your area is always going to be the best option.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 Divorce, Marriage Breakdown

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