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Dreadful Divorces

Have you been keeping up with the Chris Huhne/Vicky Pryce saga? (both of them are now in prison for perverting the course of justice by swapping speeding points).

What is this to do with family law you may ask? Well, it is to do with the evidence that emerged during the criminal trial about the breakdown of their marriage and the resulting effect on their children, particularly their son, nineteen at the time. The exchange of text messages between Mr Huhne and his son made it very plain that this lad had suffered very serious emotional hurt as a result of his parents’ divorce. One description of his father was “you are the most ghastly man I know” and there were plenty of other choice phrases.

How can this worst type of outcome after a marriage or relationship breakdown be avoided? There will inevitably be some pain and resentment but there are formal processes available to help a couple find a way through strong negative feelings that will leave both them and their children in a much better place after a divorce, than the traditional method of partisan lawyers and going to court.

Mediation offers a less formal way of problem-solving in the early stages of separation, dealing with the issues of finance and/or children, which, if resulting in an agreement between the couple, can be taken to a solicitor for formal implementation.

Collaborative law is highly recommended as the legal process most likely to provide the best damage limitation for the couple and children alike.

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 Divorce, Marriage Breakdown

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