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Just because there is a pandemic, it doesn’t mean that family problems requiring the assistance of legal advice, are on hold.  If anything, relationship breakdown and disputes over child arrangements between separated parents, are more prevalent.

Most family law solicitors are back to offering a full service, if remotely.  The Family Courts are almost all operating remotely, with BT conference calls in this area, sometimes a Skype hearing for that more intimate touch, if you are lucky.  Very occasionally, for final hearings, you can actually be in a court room.

The courts are not responding to any communication other than email and online applications.  Navigating this new world can be bewildering for a litigant in person as an unrepresented spouse/parent is known, and you may wish to seek some initial advice from a solicitor to start you off on an application.

Before you reach that point a family law solicitor will also point you in the direction of mediation before you rush off to court.  Particularly in children cases, mediation can be a much more appropriate way of resolving disputes.

The legal environment has changed radically like most other areas of life now days.  If you need held finding your way around, contact a family law specialist in the first instance.

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