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It’s Never Too Late!

The cautionary tale of Mr and Mrs Wyatt.

This is either good news or bad news, depending on whether you are a wife or husband (and in most cases it would be bad news for the husband).

There has just been what could potentially be a landmark decision, by the Supreme Court this week (the new House of Lords) giving leave to a wife 18 years after divorce from her husband, to make a claim against him for a financial settlement. Mrs Wyatt is claiming £1.9 million which the Judges have inferred could be pushing it a bit, but nonetheless have indicated that she might receive a modest award, (modest, in Supreme Court terms, is likely to be fairly hefty).

The Wyatt case is another salutary lesson for making sure all the loose ends are tied up properly at the time couples separate and divorce, rather than trying to save money by taking a short cut. As this case demonstrates, it can all come back to bite you many years after you thought it was a closed book.

Instruct a family law specialist who knows how to bring closure, right from the outset.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 Divorce

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