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Mediation, Mediation, Mediation

Family lawyers tell their clients about the four different ways you can approach a divorce or cohabitation split for sorting out the differences between you concerning money and property and your children.

The first method we call the kitchen table approach, which is where the couple try and work out a solution between themselves at home which can then be translated into a legal format by a solicitor.

The second approach is mediation, namely using the services of a professionally trained mediator of whom there will be a variety available in your area, be they individuals such as solicitors who are mediation trained, or counsellor/mediators or the area teams, such as the Peterborough Family Mediation Service.

The family organisation Resolution has just held a Family Dispute Resolution week, when couples were encouraged to telephone family solicitors for free advice about the options available to anyone who is looking to separate or divorce.

Mediators do not give legal advice but if all goes well, a memorandum of understanding will be the end result, which you can then take to your respective solicitors to draft into a legal document for approval by the court.

That leaves two more ways of dealing with relationship breakdown?

The third option is going straight to a solicitor who will try and negotiate with your other half to reach an agreement at the end of the day. This can involve the collaborative process which consists of round table meetings with a commitment not to go to court.

The last approach is court itself, when all else has failed and you apply to the County Court Judge to make a decision for you.

But let’s be optimistic and go back to the beginning – Mediation!

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Thursday, October 25th, 2012 Collaborative Law, Mediation

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