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Plan Ahead with a Pre-Nup

As with Cohabitation Agreements, taking out insurance against things going wrong with a relationship by drawing up a Pre-Nuptial Agreement before marriage, can be a very good idea.

A Cohabitation Agreement is ALWAYS recommended if you are going to be setting up home with somebody you don’t intend to marry.

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is not common-place for first marriages, but is definitely a good idea if one or both of you are marrying second time around (or more!).

Pre-Nups have gained considerable legal authority in the last decade or so and your family law specialist can advise you as to the procedural details.   Essentially, you need to ensure that it is prepared and signed up by both of you a few months before the date of the wedding and that both of you have independent legal advice as to the terms and implications of the agreement.

In this way, property and assets that you already own before the marriage can be ringfenced as personal property in the event of a divorce, so that children or other relatives from a first marriage do not lose out.

If you think a Pre-Nup could be appropriate to your situation, contact a family lawyer for more information.


Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 Cohabitation, Marriage Breakdown, Prenuptial Agreements

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