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The Challenges When Parents Separate and One Wants To Relocate With Their Children

The emotional strain of a divorce or separation, particularly when children are involved, can be devastating. When parents choose to split up, more often than not they will continue to live and work in the same geographical area. However, it is becoming more and more common that one parent wishes, or is required to relocate, often thousands of miles away.

Ultimately the child’s welfare is paramount. That is the only principle is relocation cases. A holistic, evaluative approach must be taken, looking at each parents’ proposals side by side, balancing the pros and cons in terms of the child’s welfare and listening to what the child has to say, if he or she is old enough to give their view.

The moving parent must understand the importance of facilitating the child’s relationship with the parent who is left behind, whether through weekly Skype or Facetime calls or extended holidays outside of term time.

Relocation cases require expert legal guidance, a strategic approach and an understanding of the emotional impact that the move will have upon every member of the family not only in the short term but for generations ahead.

Monday, April 18th, 2016 Children, Divorce

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